EL405 Students Tackle Blender's ''Gus'' Tutorial

EL405 Students Tackle Blender’s ”Gus” Tutorial (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

My New Media Projects students got into small groups and walked through my Flash version of Blender’s “Gus” animation tutorial.

It looks like Blender3D saves some temporary files in such a way that the lab computer’s security restrictions cause some issues, because two of the student groups experienced crashes, and one of the groups lost all their work a few minutes before the end of class.

That was a bummer, but the energy in the class was so great that the mishap didn’t dampen it too much.

I’m still crossing my fingers and wishing hard that the Half-Life 2 modding class will go smoothly. The lab computers are locked down pretty tight for security reasons, so that leads to problems that I’m not authorized to handle (even if I could).