Dumpster Diving…Experience #1

What I got from dumpster this month:

8 giant bags of fun-size skittles (exp. 8/07)

2 giant bags of fun-size starburst (ditto)

8 cloth Halloween gift bags

1 Halloween make-your-own candy necklace (sealed)

1 candy vampire teeth (ditto)

1 rainbow clown wig (new in bag)

1 head of cauliflower

3 8 oz. packs of mushrooms

2 packs English muffins (sell by date that day)

5 16 oz. jars of salsa

1 dozen bake-at-home dinner rolls (same day sell-by)

1 bamboo box w/ cover

2 plastic storage bins with drawers

1 bunch of fake bananas

1 giant (!) box of yarns

3 craft books (tatting, embroidery & sewing)

1 yard heart print fabric

1 4 1/2 foot fake xmas tree (compliments of Leslie!)

2 vintage granny-style lace nightgowns

2 turtlenecks

3 xmas hand towels

2 xmas stocking, one brand-new with spiderman on it

1 box of 18 gaudy purple xmas ornaments for above tree


The three rules of thumb I subscribe to are:

1) If a dumpster is locked, leave it alone

2) Leave the area cleaner than you found it

3) Share the wealth. —Moira RichardsonDumpster Diving…Experience #1 (Roamer’s Zone)

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