—Maybe! (Wondermark) Click to see the punchline. Saving this for the next time I teach A Doll House or “The Yellow Wall-Paper.” This one with an elephant is good, too. Oh, and this one about the kidney made me laugh out loud. I feel like I need to add a new tag called “retro”.


A Heterotopic Space

Less intimidating and frustrating than the conference, more “human” than the margin note, audio commentary possesses the potential to become a space where real teaching and learning can emerge in the midst of feedback. —Sommers and Sipple —A Heterotopic Space Haven’t looked closely at this, but I’m blogging it for access later. Since I find myself habitually editing and re-editing the notes that I type to my students, and since…


Breaking Bread: Horowitz vs. Bérubé

The lunch took place just a couple of days after the Democrats crushed the Republicans in the midterm elections, regaining the House and the Senate. Mr. Bérubé, to his credit, kept the gloating to a minimum. It’s worth noting that, even though they’ve been writing about each other for years, the two men had never met. Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Bérubé admitted to pre-lunch jitters. And while they both immediately…