Breaking Bread: Horowitz vs. Bérubé

The lunch took place just a couple of days after the Democrats crushed the Republicans in the midterm elections, regaining the House and the Senate. Mr. Bérubé, to his credit, kept the gloating to a minimum.

It’s worth noting that, even though they’ve been writing about each other for years, the two men had never met.

Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Bérubé admitted to pre-lunch jitters. And while they both immediately agreed to the meeting, each expressed doubt that the other would be willing. —Breaking Bread: Horowitz vs. Bérubé (Chronicle of Higher Education)

This is in a web address marked “temp,” so if you’re at all interested in the culture wars in academia, you’d better download this conversation now.

I’m filing this under “drama” because I don’t have a “sensationalism” category.

And why is the Horowitz graphic on the left, and the Bérubé graphic on the right? Somebody thump the layout designer upside the head.