Another SCD103 victim

My barely-used, barely-2-year old SCD103 is giving me the black screen in Camera mode but appears operational in Playback mode. I have called Samsung twice and was fed much the same story as I’ve read on this post. Please add us to the lawsuit too! —Another SCD103 victim (

My camcorder recently went out while I was recording my daughter’s preschool recital. Actually, it flickered on and off, so I was able to get some sections… I’d really rather it have cut off completely, so I wouldn’t have felt obligated to wrestle with it during the show.

I had a voice recorder and my tiny hand-held digital camera, but neither of those really match the quality of the segments that I got off of the dying camcorder.

Looks like Samsung settled a class action suit related to this problem… one poster on the forum reports Samsung reluctantly agreeing to a free repair.