You Can Never Have Too Many Cabinets (Half-LIfe 2 Mod)

You Can Never Have Too Many Cabinets (Half-LIfe 2 Mod) (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

(Although that is probably too many ovens.)

The kids are in bed, my wife is watching TV, and I’ve got a few hours to fiddle with Hammer on a Saturday Night (well, it’s a bit past midnight now, actually). Soon I’ll go up and visit with her for a bit.

I made these cabinets as 3D objects in Blender, exported them as flat image, followed the seven steps to texturing enlightenment (the filepaths are very tricky — that’s usually where I get stuck) to turn them into texture files, which I can now paint on the walls of blocks.

I’m now fairly satisfied that I should be able to make anything that is blocky, down to a resolution of about one inch. My next step will be to make a 3D prop — probably something simple like a picture frame to start with — and create an image file that will be wrapped around the contours of the prop.

I’ve recently downloaded iRogue for my PDA, and I’ve got one more final push to finish a big interactive fiction academic project that I’ve been working on for years. I always enjoy working with Hammer, but I can feel the call of retrogaming stirring my better-than-average text-fired imagination.

One thought on “You Can Never Have Too Many Cabinets (Half-LIfe 2 Mod)

  1. I’m looking forward to that IF project, Dennis, good luck on it!

    If iRogue and virtual woodworking aren’t enough as side activities, or, perhaps, are too much, let me suggest robotfindskitten, an excellent Roguelike that isn’t very demanding of the player’s time or mental effort.

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