President's Blog

Jim Towey is writing a blog to communicate with Saint Vincent students and to share the fruits of his experiences as their leader. These will be posted from time to time as his schedule permits. Click on this link to reach the archive and the latest posting. —President’s Blog (Saint Vincent College)

The president of St. Vincent College has a blog.

It’s really just a series of essays (no comments or outbound links that I saw), so it’s a stretch to call it a blog. Nevertheless, it’s some good writing.

His most recent entry is about George W. Bush being the commencement speaker for Saint Vincent. (It’s dated March 26, and begins “I want the students of Saint Vincent to be the first to know,” but I had heard about it several days earlier.)

Saint Vincent used to be the men’s college that was partnered with Seton Hill College when it was a women’s school, but now they are both co-educational competitors.