Blogs turn 10–who's the father?

Someone, somewhere created the very first Web log. It’s just not quite clear who.

It may not be one of the Internet’s grandest accomplishments, but with the number of active bloggers hovering somewhere around 100 million, according to one estimate, there are some serious bragging rights to be claimed by the first person who provably laid fingers to keyboard in the traditional bloggy way. —Declan McCullagh and Anne BroacheBlogs turn 10–who’s the father? (MSN Tech & Gadgets)

A good article. I didn’t know about the .plan prehistory of blogs, though it seems that even a reverse-sorted list of reflections doesn’t really count as a blog without some kind of conversation that invites the reader to participate. Unless there are comments on the site, there have to be the equivalent of permalinks so that people elsewhere can point to and respond to what other authors put in their .plans.

Even if all the candidates we know about in this article are male, a headline like “Blogs turn 10 — who are the parents?” might be more inclusive.

At any rate, thanks for the link, Eric.