Make the Logo Bigger

Make the logo as big as you can

Make the logo bigger, yeah!

That logo isn’t big enough

So make the logo bigger

Bigger, bigger, make it big!

Make the logo bigger! —Make the Logo Bigger (Burn Back)

Awesome heavy metal spoof of a naive request that web designers hear from their clients all the time.

Displaying the client’s static logo is not the the best use of the user’s screen real estate.

On my “Newbie Web Author Checklist,” item 5 includes the following:

Get rid of wasted space at the top of the page, and move the content up higher on the page. Shrink that logo and move that long-winded mission statement to an internal page; use the space you recovered to tell me what’s new on your site, so I won’t have to hunt for what you’re so eager to share.