On Media in Our Lives: Embarrassment forever

It’s now common for companies to Google potential employees to uncover peccadilloes from the past. It took me all of 30 seconds, via Google, to discover one applicant’s very public infatuation with indecorous sexual escapades and another’s unhealthy fondness for abusing industrial strength pharmaceuticals. Needless to say, neither was hired. —Jim LouderbackOn Media in Our Lives: Embarrassment forever (SFGate.com)

Will, this one will probably annoy you, but the reason I’m posting it is because it’s written by one of the people who actually makes the decision to hire an applicant or trash the resume.

Has Louderback read The Diamond Age? His penultimate paragraph seems to refer to Neal Stephenson’s ideas about the Neo-Victorians.

We could evolve into a much more tolerant and forgiving society, where everyone’s secrets are laid bare, and no one — aside from your mother — really cares. Don’t hold your breath. The more likely outcome is that we’ll devolve into a new age of crushing civility, one that makes the current “PC” climate look downright permissive. I see a new Victorian Age dawning, where everyone’s proper and polite on the outside, yet out of control in private, when the curtains are drawn and the power is off.