`Sopranos' extras thrown into TV history

But if Colandrea’s character was there to kill Tony Soprano, the actor who played him isn’t saying.

“I do have an idea, but I cannot really talk,” Colandrea said Monday. “I have papers signed that I can’t make any comments on that.”

Colandrea, who was born in Naples, auditioned for the role after a casting agent stopped for a bite at his shop. He claims to know definitely his character’s intent and what happens following the episode’s conclusion, but won’t divulge it. (A bit of trivia: Colandrea’s character wears a Member’s Only jacket; the first episode of the final season was titled “Member’s Only.”) —Jake Coyle`Sopranos’ extras thrown into TV history (Yahoo! | AP)

I don’t have cable TV, and I’ve never seen an episode of the show, but shouldn’t that be “Members Only” (without the apostrophe)?