Living Free, Dying Hard, and All That Jazz

Back in the projector room, five hairy men wearing nothing but overalls, hardhats, and grime were toiling away, trying to get things under control. “It’s too powerful! It can’t take no more!” they yell as they hopefully pull levers and turn valves. “The movie is living up to the franchise! We’re going down!”

Meanwhile, in the audience, we all gasped at the disturbing site of celluloid going to pot. But, once the shock wore off, everyone began clapping and cheering. There were no qualms about what we had just witnessed: this film, in all it’s sheer awesomeness, destroyed itself. —Living Free, Dying Hard, and All That Jazz (Tranquility Lost)

Mike Rubino writes about how the movie melted during the climax of the showing he was watching.

I have a weakness for the 2nd movie in the Die Hard series, because I watched it over the summer while taking a German intensive-language class, and the bad guys spoke German.