The Teaching Game: Part One – Transitioning

If I’m working on a project, it’s my dream. I’m not toiling away in a dank quarry, hauling blocks across miles of boiling sand to build someone else’s pyramid. If you’re going to grind your life away in a masochistic profession – and make no mistake, game development is unadulterated masochism – I say to you this: make it mean something. Spend your life making meaning. Create things that excite you, which get you out of bed early in the morning and keep you up late at night. Create experiences that will set minds on fire and inspire, in turn, to create experiences for others. We all have a reason for wanting to create games and, at some level, it boils down to an experience we had playing someone else’s creation, their dream. What was that game for you? —SwinkThe Teaching Game: Part One – Transitioning (Game Career Guide)

An interesting feature from a games industry professional who got tired of the grind and gave it up. I’m a little worried that Swink is romanticizing the teaching profession as much as he had previously romanticized the games industry, but this is still a good read.