Confusing ''b'' and ''d''

Confusing ”b” and ”d” (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Hold your hands like this, and imagine an “e” in between them, and you’ve got the word “bed”.

My five-year-old daughter was having so much trouble telling the difference between her ”b” and ”d” that my wife urged me to look up dyslexia on the internet. Along the way, I came across several sites selling stickers or posters showing the word “bed” superimposed over the image of a bed, but Carolyn’s thumbs worked just fine for her. When she’s guessing, I sometimes have to remind her to “do the thumbs,” but she often does it on her own.

We’re still working on getting her 5s and 3s to face the right way, but the b and d problem seems to be solved.