nyc wtf?Warning, horrific spelling and grammar per usual!

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This is sort of a random chunk out of a 7000-word blog entry. One single paragraph in the middle is about 3500 words long.

I had previously blogged a speech Love gave in 2000, which was a well-argued, detailed explanation of how the recording industry makes millions off of bands that (according to Love) barely make any money at all. I found that speech persuasive and enlightening, but I find what she wrote in her MySpace page to be completely incomprehensible. The really funny thing is that people are leaving comments praising Love and thanking her for what she wrote…

Wow. I guess it really is the thought that counts.

3 thoughts on “nyc wtf?Warning, horrific spelling and grammar per usual!

  1. You’re right, kayak kid. In fact, her headline implies that if the spelling and grammar were fixed, then the writing would be acceptable.

    That’s like saying that if someone were to light and mic a stage for me, and tune a guitar for me, then I’d be able to be make great music.

    I never made time to take lessons, so I never developed any performance skills. There is no way anything I did with a guitar would sound bearable — not without lessons and hard work (and the willingness to attempt the same song over and over and over until I get it right).

  2. Yikes! I’m, all for free expression in the blogosphere, but this seems to pass *way* over the line. There doesn’t seem to be even a modest attempt at proofreading (of the “squiggle alert” or any other kind), or–perhaps more forgivable in C.L.’s case–any editing or revision.

    What I like, however, is the way CL suggests in her post title that–by way of apology–there’s no need for any of this.

    There is one thing on the plus side: this is a *great example* of keyboarding w/o editing.

  3. As Rick James is fond of saying, “cocaine is a hell of a drug!”
    Courtney is like one big train wreck, happening in slow motion over the course of several years.

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