''This may be the end of this thing…''

The power class was buzzing around in the sky, watching the ruination of someone’s life way down below – making buckets of cash by broadcasting someone else’s tragedy, then – WHAM – the real bursts into their own life, they become the live tragedy – but we’re still viewing the whole thing through the lens of a t.v. camera. How tragic and fascinating. —Baby_Balrog

I’m sad for the deceased. I’m sad for their families. I wish someone had used some good judgment at some point to prevent such a tragedy. | I’m also hoping it leads to less of this kind of “content” on the news, but recognise how futile that hope is even as I type it. —batmonkey”This may be the end of this thing…” (MetaFilter)

From comments posted on MetaFilter’s coverage of today’s midair helicopter crash in Phoenix.