It's God vs. Satan. But What About the Nudity?

The filmmakers hope that “Paradise Lost” will prove enticing to Christian audiences. Mr. Hazeldine said he read “several theological tomes” because “I’m adapting Milton, and then Milton’s kind of adapting Genesis, and I wanted to make sure that for the faith audience, I guess, that they will see it more as ‘The Passion of the Christ’ than ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ ” — that is, more a reverent treatment of Biblical material than a reconsideration. Both he and Mr. Derrickson said they are Christians, as are Mr. Newman and the script’s original writers. Even so, Mr. Newman said the film is not “a Christian endeavor or Christian movie.”

But he added that it would be “made with total adherence and respect to any of the three religions’ involvement in the story of God, the Devil and the archangels,” referring to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But “it’s a war movie at the end of the day,” Mr. Newman said.

As a Christian, Mr. Hazeldine said, the project poses “a challenge for people like Scott and I, who have a faith, but we just love movies.” He added, “We often find that we are wondering, are we too worldly for the church and too churchy for the world?” —It’s God vs. Satan. But What About the Nudity? (NY Times)

I loved this correction notice at the bottom of the page: “A picture on March 4 with an article about a screenplay of ‘Paradise Lost’ was printed upside down. The rebel angels should have appeared in the lower half of the illustration by Gustave Doré, which was inverted by Art Resource.” Somehow, that doesn’t seem like a good sign.

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