Two Decades of American News Preferences

Pew Research Center

Public interest in news has changed slightly over the last two decades,
but in a manner that suggests no meaningful trend. The average reading
for the Pew News Interest Index did slip during the 1990s from 30% to
23%, a seemingly noteworthy decrease that represents nearly a fourth of
the original level. Had the index continued to slide as much in the new
millennium, that change would have suggested a trend of potentially
great import. But in the current decade the index has bounced back to
precisely its level during the 1980s: 30%.


Money News registers with audiences, ranking second among super categories with a three-decade score of 34%. And, decade-by-decade, interest in Money News has increased. In the ’80s, its index score was 23%; in the ’90s it moved forward to 29%. In this decade it leaped to 40%.