From the Sickbed

I’ve been laid up in sick all weekend, mostly drifting in and out of sleep.

I started getting chills Friday afternoon at work. I zipped up my
jacket and put the heater on in the car to keep the chills under
control, went to the couch in the basement (where my wife banished me)
and just tried to keep sane.

All Saturday was a blur. I tried to sleep as much as I could, and I watched some random YouTube nonsense and listened to some Dodge Intrepid podcasts (a mock 40s-style radio adventure serial; recent SHU graduate Mike Rubino is a cast member). I could barely prop my head up with one hand and tap keys one
at a time with the other. I took me about 15 minutes to type a
two-sentence comment on a student blog.

Then at about 3 this morning, I woke up with sweat dripping off my hair and soaking the pillow, and as I lay there I realized — I can think! I can think!

Today my wife gave me exactly what I need. She’s taking the kids out all day, so I can try to recover a bit.
I can sit up now and type two-handed for brief periods of time now. I also did some light reading.