Your verbs have been lost and will be invisible until sentence author revision.

The marketers and programmers at Google’s Blogger.com are not speaking with each other much, or so it would seem. The folks in charge of the home page love verbs.  Here’s a thumbnail I cropped from the blogger.com home page. Verbs, verbs, everywhere verbs!  Create! Publish! Go! Post! Interact!  Take a tour! Name your blog!  Okay, well “Get” as they use it in “Get Feedback” is a bit lame, but it’s…


The Graphic – Staff editorial: Taser this … Colorado State University

This editorial from Pepperdine shows good, clear writing, unlike the four-word CSU editorial that has been in the news recently. It emphasizes the fact that the editorial does not simply contain a vulgar charge aimed at the president, but that… When students at Colorado State University in Front Collins opened the Sept. 24 issue of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, their student newspaper, an oversized and attention-grabbing headline shouted at them:…

A Muslim Astronaut's Dilemma: How to Face Mecca From Space

Wired teases a bit, so that the ending is actually kind of anti-climactic, but it’s a wonderfully geeky puzzle. From ISS, orbiting 220 miles above the surface of the Earth, the qibla (an Arabic word meaning the direction a Muslim should pray toward Mecca) changes from second to second. During some parts of the space station’s orbit, the qibla can move nearly 180 degrees during the course of a single…

Med Examiner Writes of Va. Tech Tragedy

AP | Guardian The morgue scene couldn’t have been more grim: As doctors worked to retrieve evidence from 33 bodies riddled with gunshots, they were unnerved by the ringing of victims’ cell phones, signaling loved ones seeking reassurance they would never get. This haunting detail offers, after several months, a fresh perspective on the VA Tech tragedy.