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Someone bought a collection of old slides from a second-hand shop, scanned them and posted them online, then got in touch with the photographer — who had tossed them into a trash bin 30 years ago.

I was an artist in Vietnam and served with the Department of Information, Mac Headquarters. During my time there I shot hundreds, if not thousands, of 35 mm slides and photos. Years ago we moved from Siloam Springs Akansas to Hawaii. I had boxes and boxes of slides, photos etc. I had all this stuff in storage for years and upon moving decided it was time to move on and get rid of it. I tossed all the slides and numbers of photos in a dumpster by the alley of our old business – Grantree & HIll Gallery and Framing in Siloam Springs.
You are the second person to contact me that purchased slides at an antique shop in Arkansas. She was a professional photographer and appreciated my work also. It seems someone had to climb into the dumpster, sort them out and then sell them to a shop where you and others purchased. What a story. I appreciate your interest and my time in Vietnam was needless to say a life experience.