Beacon's reach extends to non-Facebook users

Macworld has new info on the scope of the information Beacon gathers on Facebook users:

While users’ activities on the Web are tracked in various ways for different purposes, most commonly with tracking cookies in banner ads, the Beacon implementation is one Berteau has never come across before in terms of the details of users’ actions that it’s able to capture and send back.

These latest findings build on Berteau’s report on Friday that Beacon stealthily tracked the activities of users on affiliate Beacon sites even if they were logged off from Facebook and had previously declined having their activities reported back to their Facebook friends.

Over the weekend, Facebook confirmed that Berteau’s report on Friday was accurate, but said that it deletes the data it gets under these circumstances.

Still, Friday’s findings deepened the privacy concerns surrounding Beacon since its introduction several weeks ago. And the admission Monday added to the concerns, since it contradicted what had, until then, been the official company line about this issue.

Thanks for the link, Karissa.