Google cameras may catch a killer

Det-Sgt Jeff Maher of the homicide squad confirmed that a Google Earth satellite mapping van had been filming the area for up to a week.

He said the images captured by satellite could hold some clues to the gruesome murder.

“They (Google Earth) have had a van in the area for the last week,” Det-Sgt Maher said. “We don’t know what they’ve got yet. It’s an avenue of inquiry at the moment.” Police learnt of the Google Earth link during a door-knock of the area.

But wait a minute… the Google van takes pictures at street level. If it’s the street-level pictures they’re interested in, then what do “the images captured by satellite ” have to do with the case? The quote from the police officer refers specifically to the van, so I’m guessing the reporter made a hasty assumption here.

I remember reading an interview with some who said he never bothers to read a news article that has “may” in the headline. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.