Peter Jackson to Produce "The Hobbit" and a sequel

News I saw on (via Slashdot) has LOTR fans unclenching their hairy, unshod toes and reaching for the tobacco jar:

The two “Hobbit” films – “The Hobbit” and its sequel – are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, with pre-production beginning as soon as possible. Principal photography is tentatively set for a 2009 start, with the intention of “The Hobbit” release slated for 2010 and its sequel the following year, in 2011.

2 thoughts on “Peter Jackson to Produce "The Hobbit" and a sequel

  1. Yeah, I don’t know what to make of that sequel thing, but I thought the LOTR movies did a pretty good job. No movie will come close to the books, and I was upset to learn about what happened to the Scouring of the Shire sequence, but in general I was satisfied with the movies.

  2. Personally, I reach for the safety-catch on my Browning. I had hopes that Jackson and his ilk would be prevented from turning the Hobbit into a travesty as well, but the lure of huge profits seems to have won again.
    A Hobbit “sequel”?

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