Blade Runner's Influence on Videogames from


Ten years ago, Westwood released its point-and-click adventure game adaptation of Blade Runner. Blade Runner was, if nothing else, a towering achievement in terms of evoking the original film’s memorable aesthetic. The game’s mo-cap sprites moved against dim, smoky noir backdrops; every exterior shot felt exhilaratingly accurate, while interior locations were ominous and claustrophobic. In 1997, Louis Castle — then the executive vice president of Westwood Studios — told PC Gamer, “This is not a game about the movie; it is a game about the movie’s environment. It’s about the tension and emotion of the movie.”

A good overview, though it’s not nearly as detailed or rigorous as if this topic were the subject of an academic study. Still, I’d rather see the glass as half full — I’m glad to see such a weighty topic being considered by a mainstream gamer publication.  It’s yet another sign of the critical sophistication of gamers who want to read about more than walkthroughs and cheat codes.