Digital Humanities in 2007 [Part 1 of 3] « Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Excellent three-part post from Lisa Spiro. People, this is the kind of thing Vannevar Bush imagined scholars would do when he dreamed up the Memex — saving each other time by sharing annotated lists.  This blog has landed on my RSS list.  Part 1 and Part 2 are up; I’ll add the link to Part 3 when it appears.  (Update: Part 3)

I love reading year-end summaries and lists. Even if the judgments can
seem arbitrary, such lists let me know about things I missed and remind
me of what matters. Here I offer my own impressions of significant
goings-on in and around digital humanities in 2007. Since a lot
happened this year, I’ll divide these musings into 3 posts. Post 1 will
focus specifically on digital humanities initiatives; post 2 on mass
digitization, reading, and scholarly communications; and post 3 will
examine databases, virtual reality, social networking, and “green”
digital humanities, as well as present some simple stats on the ideas
that generated the most buzz. Please see for links to all of the papers and web sites mentioned here (links are also embedded in the post, of course).