New Software to Monitor Athletes' Web Sites Troubles Legal Experts

From the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required)

Billed as a “social-network monitoring service” and marketed exclusively to college athletics departments, YouDiligence was on display at a trade show here during the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual convention.
The program is designed to conduct real-time searches of Facebook and MySpace for up to 500 objectionable words and phrases ranging from profanity to slang used to describe drugs. If it finds anything, it sends an e-mail alert to a designated athletics official containing a link to the offending page.


At Florida State, coaches and administrators have taken a top-down
approach to educating students about the risks of being too carefree on
their Facebook and MySpace pages. Mr. Lata and his staff have meetings with every team to talk about
those risks. One coach requires all of her athletes to have her as a
“friend” on Facebook, so that if they post questionable material, she
will know about it.

Hmm… software searching for keywords, or coaches actually getting themselves involved with their players’ social lives?