You Know What's Stupid? Everything I Don't Understand

Great satire from The Onion.

[W]hat kind of pathetic loser would actually enjoy something
that’s so incredibly not among my personal preferences? Not me, that’s
for sure.

Maybe my standards are too high, but if you like any of the hundreds
upon hundreds of things that are too multifaceted for my attention
span, you should have your head examined, weirdo.

And don’t even get me started on complex and sophisticated notions I
can’t possibly wrap my head around. That stuff makes me want to puke.
Just knowing there are people out there who like–actually
like–interacting with concepts that overwhelm my feeble consciousness
makes me embarrassed to be an American. I don’t like it in our homes, I
don’t like it in our schools, I don’t like it outside of my comfort
zone–well, I just plain don’t like it. And if that makes me
closed-minded, well, then I guess I’ll have to dismiss that accusation
outright in order to avoid being introspective even for a moment.