Dr. Jerz, the Facebook n00b

I thought maybe two or three students would “friend” me out of pity, but I was rather surprised that within about 24 hours I had 35 confirmed “friends” — several of those within the first few minutes of registering for the service. Only half of those contacts are from Seton Hill — the rest are academics I know from the blogosphere and from conferences.

A few are people I knew in my hazy pre-Internet youth, including theater friends from my student-acting days.

When I get back into the office, I’m going to have to set up some e-mail filters, because this is what my in box looks like at the moment. If all my students use their university accounts for Facebook, it’s
probably no wonder that some of them seem to have trouble finding my
e-mails.  (P.S. In the time it took me to put this entry together, I picked up 2 more “friends.”)