Journalism Net Effect Defies Expectation

Wired | AP offers a brief report on the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s new report:

Only a few years ago, newspaper Web sites were primarily considered an online morgue for that day’s newspaper, Rosenstield said.
“The afternoon newspaper is in a sense being reborn online,” he said.
A separate survey found journalists are, to a large degree, embracing the changes being thrust upon them. A majority say they like doing blogs and that they appreciate reader feedback on their stories. When they’re asked to do multimedia projects, most journalists find the experience enriching instead of feeling overworked, he said. The newsroom is increasingly being seen as the most experimental place in the business, the report found.
Most news Web sites are no longer final destinations. The report found that many users insist that the sites, and even individual pages, offer plenty of options to navigate elsewhere for more information, the project found. Rosenstiel said he’s even able to reach Washington Post stories through the New York Times’ Web site.