What rough binder, its hour come round at last, slouches towards the provost's office to be filed?

Here’s how I’ve been spending my time lately.  It’s after 8pm Sunday, and I’ve been at work since I handed my kids off to my wife this morning right after church. 

Tomorrow morning I drop this baby off in the Provost’s office.

The question is… should I add this photo to the front cover or not?






Seton Hill University


A chunk of pages got caught in the hole punch, and when I pulled them
out the bottom of the hole punch opened up and all these little paper
dots went flying in the copy room.

As an undergraduate, I started filling a jar with
paper dots, and I told myself that I’d start earning a living off my
writing before I filled the jar. (I met that goal, if you can call
being a starving grad student earning a living. I might even still have
the half-full jar of paper dots somewhere.)

There is still work to be done on the program review, but now I get to head off to New Orleans with one less thing on my mind.

Creative Writing
New Media Journalism

Draft v0.9.9b
Mar 28, 2008

Program Review Committee

Dr. Christine Cusick
Dr. Dennis G. Jerz (Chair)
Dr. Laura Patterson
Dr. Audrey Quinlan
Dr. John Spurlock