Fun with Shoots and Leaves

My Intro to Literary Study students read Lynn Truss’s Eats, Shoots and Leaves while I was away at a conference for most of last week. They really seem to enjoy this book. Early on this term, I noticed a critical mass of students who try to make their blog a place to practice writing for a real audience, rather than simply a place to “do their homework.”  I’m also seeing a lot of deliberately playful use of language, dancing around and sometimes pushing beyond the boundaries of academic writing.

I can’t even believe how interesting a book on punctuation can be. I’m learning – AND HAVING FUN TOO! Look at that, I’m having so much fun that I caps-locked. —Jessie

Alright here it goes… I, STEPAHNIE MARIE WYTOVICH, ADMIT TO LIKING THIS BOOK. Gah.  Ok I guess I feel a little better now.  — Stephanie

I won’t deny it, I’m afraid of the exclamation mark.  I have been going to therapy and I’ve made improvements, but I’m still a little!-phobic.  Exclamation marks are so strong! — Erica

I have to say I like ellipsis because, the other reason they are used is to trail off in an intriguing manner…. — Tiffany

I use italics way too much. — Lauren