Mead Releases New Grad-School-Ruled Notebook

For a second, I really wanted this to be true. Great satire from The Onion.

According to Mead’s website, the ruling lines in the
grad-school-ruled notebooks will be placed 3.55 millimeters apart,
making them “infinitely more practical” for postgraduate work than the
7.1 millimeter college-ruled notebooks. In addition, the standard
1.5-inch top margin normally provided for dates and headers will be
halved, and the left-hand margin will be eliminated entirely.

“Just think: If you are writing a dissertation on elements of
thanatopsis and necromimesis as they relate to cacaesthesian themes of
mid-20th-century Irish literature, do you really want your notebook
lines to be more than seven millimeters apart?” Luke said. “Of course

“When you’re in grad school, every millimeter counts,” he added.