Elementeo — Enter the Chemical Battlefield

This game sounds great. Created by a 14-year-old, says Wired.

With Elementeo, we inject fun into education!

Welcome to the Elementeo game!  In this action-packed game, two or more players wage a chemical
war with just one goal in mind – destroy their opponent’s electrons to
zero!  Armed with their arsenal of
elements, compounds, and nuclear reactions, these young chemists strive to
create, combat, and conquer the world!

As the commanding general of your army, your job is to move,
attack, and strategize with your elements and compounds.  The primary goal is to destroy the most
number of your opponent’s electrons by the end of the game. 

This army is made up of Element Cards, Compound Cards, and
Alchemy Cards. Your element cards range from the powerful creatures like Carbon
Conqueror and Sodium Dragon to ones with the mythical powers such as Oxygen
Life-Giver and Gold Maharaja!

You also have powerful compounds that you can make during
your battles from Salt and Water to Sulfuric acid and Polyvinyl Chloride.   But the game doesn’t stop there — there
are also Alchemy Cards like Nuclear Fusion, Slippery Base, and Electron
Exchange that you can use to double up the action, excitement, and battle!

Can you hear that roar? 
Your army is calling… An epic chemical battle is about to start.  Go
ahead, launch your attacks.  

Create. Combat. Conquer!