Back to the future: Blake's 7 ditches the shaky sets for prime time makeover


First Battlestar Galactica was reinvented as a must-watch TV show and clever allegory for US foreign policy post-9/11. Then the Doctor returned from Gallifrey to make sci-fi cool and revive mainstream family viewing.
Now Sky One is hoping to continue the successful reinvention of the genre with a multimillion-pound remake of the 1970s British favourite Blake’s 7.

My wife introduced me to Blake’s 7 while we were dating. The last few seasons were weaker than the first, but there were quite a number of stand-out episodes that have stayed with me over the years.

I watch very little TV. My local library has DVDs of the original Star Trek, but each time I pick one up to look at it, I think to myself, will I really have time to watch it? Then I put it back.

Oh, well. Still, it’s good to see how much science-fiction there is out there — very different from the way things were in the 70s when I became a fan.  If there had been this much good SF on TV back then, I probably wouldn’t have started reading Lester Del Rey and Larry Niven books as a tween.