Senior High

Great series from The Globe and Mail. I seem to recall that articles from this paper disappear behind a pay-per-view firewall after a few weeks, so print these out now if you think you’ll ever get old.

Fast times at senior high

Part one

Fast times at Senior High

The cliques, the gossip, the hot guy with a car: A retirement home is Grade 10 all over again, but here the new kids are pushing 90.


Fast times at senior high

Part two

Mean Girls, but with walkers

Being the newbie is never easy, even when the cool kids snubbing you are in their 80s. Your clothes, your finances, your romances – they’re all grist for the gossip mill


Fast times at senior high

Part three

Looking for love, or …

The equipment may be rusty, but you can still get lusty. And the desire for companionship never fades.


Fast times at senior high

Part four

The fuss over food

Keeping control over body and mind is tough when you live in a retirement home, right down to having to eat whatever’s put in front of you


Fast times at senior high

Part Five

Amid loss, striving for life

Only survivors make it this far, and they are determined to keep going. They share their strength and hope with reporter
Rebecca Dube and photographer
Kevin Van Paassen

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