Past and Present of Willy Loman and Saint EMC² at Hypertextopia

At Hypertextopia. I found an interesting, but incomplete and unsigned (update — according to some mouseover text, it’s by Brian Yearling) hypertext that maps out part of the plot of Death of a Salesman.  I was interested in the subject matter, but I’m not sure about what value this particular hypertext arrangement offers. If it were possible to re-arrange the items so that we can walk chronologically through Willy’s life, that might help make some points about Willy’s character, but at present this hypertext isn’t part of a larger argument that uses the information in its hypertext form, so I’m not sure what the value is. 

Saint EMC² is a more complete example, with text highlighted according to whether the link is an extension, opposition, or illustration of the linked text. That might be useful as a device to get students thinking about why they are linking.

Here’s a thoughtful overview of Hypertextopia, from if:book.