How Low Can You Go? Limbo of the Lost Reuses Oblivion Digital Assets broke a story about a new adventure game, Limbo of the Lost, which uses digital assets from the RPG Oblivion. (There are plenty of screenshots in the article.)

Eric was recently assigned a game developed by
Majestic Studios titled “Limbo of the Lost.” At first glance, this game
appears to be your typical point and click adventure again. This time,
however, something seemed oddly familiar to him. Eric, being the avid
PC gamer that he is, noticed that there were some similiarties between
Limbo of the Lost and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

first example of this can be seen in the screenshots from Oblivion and
Limbo of the Lost below. Notice how everything is placed in exactly the
same place and almost all of the textures are identical. In fact, the
only real difference is the quality of the texture and overall
graphical look. Even the portrait that can be seen under the stairs is
exactly the same as the one that can be found in Oblivion. Also, take
note of the placement of the rug in the middle of the floor and the
placement of the stairways. These similarities lead to many questions.
How rampant are situations like this in games that fall under the radar
of the typical gaming crowd?

Now, it’s possible that Limbo of the Lost purchased the rights to re-use the art and 3D models, but Oblivion isn’t the only game the creators of Limbo of the Lost have borrowed from.