Using Text Analysis Tools for Comparison: Mole & Chocolate Cake « Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Lisa Spiro posts an interesting analysis:

I wanted to get a quick visual sense of the two texts, so I plugged them into Wordle,
a nifty word cloud generator that enables you to control variables such
as layout, font and color. (Interestingly, Wordle came up with the
perfect visualizations for each text at random: Pierre white type on a
black background shaped into, oh, a chess piece or a tombstone,
Reveries a brighter, more casual handwritten style, with a shape like a
fish or egg.)

Wordle Word Cloud for Pierre

Wordle Reveries Word Cloud

Using these visual representations of the most frequent words in
each book enabled me to get a sense of the totality, but then I also
drilled down and began comparing the significance of particular words.