Washington Times Navigation Widget — Almost Cool

It’s been several years since I attempted a redesign of my curricular website, which holds trusty old handouts, some of which I tweak on a regular basis, and some of which I haven’t touched in years. I’ve been thinking a lot about navigation and layout, especially now that most people’s computer monitors have fairly high resolution, and the growing number of widescreen monitors is opening up some space on the right-hand side of my web pages, which I hadn’t previously been using.  I’ve already put a “recent related entries” feature on the individual blog entry pages (the system selects those automatically based on category… it’s not perfect, becuase it doesn’t weight more heavily an entry that shares three cateogries as more similar to an entry that just shares one category with the current entry, but it’s better than nouthing). 

I was reading a Washington Times article on the press coverage of Obama’s doings, when I noticed this widget.

WashTimesWidget.pngAs one would guess from the triangle over on the right, when you click on the headline, a box opens up.  But if you see an open box, and you want to visit the article on the other side of the link, if you do what comes naturally — clicking the title — what happens is the window closes up. You have to click it again to open it, then click on the tiny word “view >”.  (I don’t want to “view” it… I want to “read” it! But that’s beside the point.)

To my mind, the collapsing menu thing is done better at the Evening Standard, where the panels will glide open when you hover the mouse pointer over the title. (Horrors! I just checked, and the mouse-over menu at the Evening Standard doesn’t appear to be working anymore.)