Active and Passive Verbs (Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill University)

Active verbs form more efficient and more powerful sentences than
passive verbs. This document will teach you why and how to prefer
active verbs. (Active and Passive Verbs)

I’m slowly rolling out a new template for my online handouts.

For years, I’ve been using Dreamweaver to manage my academic website, but I don’t have a copy of the program on my laptop, so I can only update my handouts when I’m in the office. Plus, now that MovableType is open source, I’d like to use it.

I love the idea of letting visitors post comments to my handouts, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to keep all the URLs. the same.  MT automatically removes dashes and underscores when it creates URLs, and all my index files are index.html (rather than .htm). I’m sure there’s a way to use .htaccess to solve the problem with redirects, but I ran into a brick wall.