The 10 Greatest Misspelled Tattoos

From the L Magazine. Some are actually just unfortunate art, but the whole list was worth it for this one:In addition to the usage error, I particularly like how the highlights on the drops of blood seem to be made by a light shining *up* from the lower right. Okay, and this next one is almost certainly a quadruple play:


A nice derangement of epitaphs

A great introduction to some of the reasons why I love studying the English language. From John McIntyre’s You Don’t Say. The malapropism: This venerable category of errors derives from the delicious and eponymous Mrs. Malaprop from Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals of 1775. Mrs. Malaprop (from the French mal a propos) pretentiously and unknowingly substitutes the wrong word for a similar-sounding correct one in her pronouncements, such as an…

EDSAC Source

On a listserv of which I’m a member, Jerome McDonough points out that Tennis for Two is an analog game, so not only does it not require a computer, the medium itself — an oscilloscope — is an analog, so the information being represented on the screen isn’t digital at all.  An even earlier game, and the first game to use digital graphics, is Noughts and Crosses (1952). This page…


What the Army Taught Me About Teaching

Every year, the Army recruits, at great expense, tens of thousands of young men and women. Given the costs of recruitment (and the dearth of eligible recruits), the Army cannot afford to lose many of these new soldiers. Army training is designed to take recruits who may know nothing about military life, discipline, or maneuvers, and mold them into warriors. Likewise, my task is to mold nascent scholars out of…