Book editors protest cuts at the Times

Former editors protest and lament the discontinuation of a literary staple:

The dismantling of the Sunday Book Review section and the migration
of a few surviving reviews to the Sunday Calendar section represents a
historic retreat from the large ambitions which accompanied the birth
of the section.

To be sure, no section of any newspaper can remain hostage to past
ways of covering the news of the day. We are convinced, however, that
the way forward is to increase coverage of our literary culture — a
culture that every day is more vibrant and diverse in the thriving
megalopolis of Los Angeles.

Angelenos in growing number are already choosing to cancel their
subscriptions to the Sunday Times. The elimination of the Book Review,
a philistine blunder that insults the cultural ambition of the city and
the region, will only accelerate this process and further wound the
long-term fiscal health of the newspaper.