Reporter's Notebook: With Tubbs Jones' Death, Media Fumbles – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

A good lesson in journalistic humility. FoxNews.

One morning, there was a fatal accident. One
person died. One lived. As always, I dutifully jotted down the
information from the report. And a few hours later, I announced to all
of Ohio who died and who survived this crash.

I was wrong. See, the police transposed the names of the victim and the
survivor on the report. So you can only imagine the feeling in my
stomach when the survivor’s family called to tell me I had it wrong.

I’d done due journalistic diligence. My saving grace? I attributed the
report of the death to someone. An all important line that said,
“Police say so-and-so died last night in a wreck…” And that’s all
journalism is: not reporting your own conclusions, but what others are