Let It Go.

I should admit to myself.. that SD card reader is gone. It’s gone. I didn’t lose any important data, but it was a 2G card. Sigh.


Windows Vista: The OS About Nothing

I haven’t seen the ads in question, but thought this InformationWeek commentary was blogworthy. “Some may wonder what Jerry Seinfeld helping Bill Gates pick out a new pair of shoes has to do with software,” Microsoft concedes. No, probably everyone who watched the ad is wondering what shoes and Seinfeld have to do with software. The answer, Microsoft says, is nothing. Oh, right — that’s so very Seinfeld. The deliberate…

The Harry Potter Decision, as text – Updated

Groklaw has a good analysis of the recent Harry Potter Lexicon smackdown. Fair use good, too much verbatim copying bad. The fact is, Rowling and her editor led the defendant on with praise of his website work, such that there was a suggestion by him that he might be the editor of the official encyclopedia, a suggestion that was turned down. Her prior praise of his fan site weighed against…