My Son Knows How To Make Me Proud

Peter (age 10, having just read another book on the Civil War): Daddy, what do you know about William TECK-um-suh Sherman?

Me: Te-CUM-suh.  Not much. Other than during the Civil War, he lead a march to the sea that split the Confederacy into north and south sections, which pretty much led to the end of the Civil War.

Peter: (disappointed) Daddy, It was more like east and west.

Me: Northeast and southwest? (I take a bite of dinner.)

Peter: It just gets preciser and preciser. (Quickly, before I can say anything.) Except for my grammar.

Me: (After swallowing) Peter, did I tell you today that I love you?

(I go into the next room and start typing.)

Peter: Are you blogging this?

Me: Yes.

Peter: Make sure you cite your sources!