I Hate Bucky Dent

Every door on every floor is closed, whether or not students are
present. This seems so different from my days as a student, when you
always left your door open if you were in, I suppose to signal your
willingness to talk and to avoid homework if you could just find the
smallest pretext to do so. It helped with circulation as well, also a
crucial matter in our un-air conditioned rooms.

These days you could launch a flare and not harm a single student.
The students who answer their doors invite us in kindly, and seem
generally pleased with the attention. Some of them have maintenance
complaints, which we address. All of them have television sets
connected to cable (cable TV had not yet hit Southwestern in my era),
and of course each student has a computer, and an Ipod, and usually
video games. Each room seems so self-contained, so independent, and
seemingly so isolated from any group activity. — Todd Diacon, Inside Higher Ed