Behind McCain, Outsider in Capital Wanting Back In – Series –

A few weeks ago, my editors were bummed when I pointed out that an unusually large number of typos had slipped through the proofreading net and popped up in the headlines.  For the most recent issue, the headlines were fine, but I found three typos in bylines.

So the student paper isn’t perfect. Even Homer nods, and sometimes, so does The Gray Lady.

In this NYT article, the focus is on Cindy McCain’s relationship to congress, not her wealth, so shouldn’t that be “Capitol”?
NYT-Typo.pngI asked the student editor not to try to place the blame on any one person, but rather to work towards a culture where more people take responsibility for checking the paper for errors. 

We’ve added an extra issue each semester, so the students are under more pressure, yet the quality of their journalism has remained high. 

I’ll just keep asking them to work on polish and AP style. (We’ll be fine.)