They Don't Know They're Learning Math

I heard about Bloxorz this afternoon at a meeting.

This evening, I came down to the study where my kids were playing Lego Indiana Jones for the umpteenth time, and without any fuss, started playing Bloxorz on the laptop.

Within thirty seconds, my six-year-old daughter was begging to play it. Within two minutes, my ten-year-old son wanted to play, so we fired up another computer for him.  I taught my daughter a few moves, which she then taught to her brother.

Now they are alternating turns (with some fussing and complaining, but no more than usual.)

bloxorz kids.jpgPeter: “Oh, man! This the hardest game and the most fun puzzles I’ve ever played”

Carolyn (glaring at me) “Daddy, are you done blogging? Now, daddy? Now? Daddy! You said you’d let me play Bloxorz on your laptop! (Singing a song) Now, now now… now, now now…. now now now?”