Mom Bloggers Object to Motrin Advertisement

Motringate? Mommygate?

An ad on the Motrin home page, aimed at moms who carry their babies in slings, has upset hordes of mom-bloggers who use the social networking service Twitter.

The best analysis I’ve seen so far is by Joyce Schwartz (known for coming up with the idea of putting missing kids on milk cartons), but if you want to dive into the fray, search Twitter for Motrimmoms.

Apparently Johnson & Johnson doesn’t pay attention to the blogosphere over the weekends, because any with-it company would take the ad down immediately and post an apology.

BeyondMom has a transcript of the ad and some interesting commentary — which includes the suggestion that maybe all the attention being called to the ad (which is a bit condescending to women who wear their babies) will help sell Motrin to people who “aren’t mom enough to babywear.”